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Grand Feline
“Taylor, where the hell am I? Ariana asked slightly confused about had just happened,
“I think hell, according to the owner of this fine place this is where our souls come when he changes our bodies” Taylor explained,
“Wait! what?....Taylor, have you done this a publicity stunt if so it’s not working!” snapped Ariana.
Taylor sighed she had worked alongside Ariana and knew the girl was slightly better than her but this was no time to get frustrated,
“Ariana, listen, the owner of this place turned me into a dog in London and now my soul is trapped her, he must have changed you into something and now you're trapped here.”
“Indeed Taylor that is a correct statement” came the man’s voice as approached Taylor’s cell,
“Now Miss Grande, I know it must be a great shock for you but then what you stumbled upon earlier today was the reason I changed you...” he paused as he looked over his shoulder towards another c
:iconcolindaley:colindaley 13 0
Why so Mousey?! by TFGhost Why so Mousey?! :icontfghost:TFGhost 59 1 busted poodle by wild11112 busted poodle :iconwild11112:wild11112 10 0 The gang by Computer-Faced The gang :iconcomputer-faced:Computer-Faced 32 4
Dried Skunks
Dried Skunks
“Hurry up Amber or we’ll miss the show!” called Kimma as waited impatiently for Amber to wash her hands,
“Don’t worry we have plenty of time” retorted Amber as she strolled over to the wall mounted dryer and began to dry her hands but her eyes became focused on something mounted on the dryer, “Cool” she called as she stared at a black button with a cartoon like image of a skunk on it.
“What now?” huffed Kimma,
“This button, it’s kind of funky” Amber said as she finished drying her hands
Kimma sighed she hated all this waiting but for Amber her curiousity about the button was growing,
“Don’t” called Kimma as she walked upto her friend just as she pressed the strange button.
Suddenly Amber jumped back as a large green gas cloud shot out of the dry eveloping Kimma, she coughed and spluttered as her face started to itch.
Amber couldn’t stop herself laughing until Kimma turned
:iconcolindaley:colindaley 8 0
No No Noooo by TFGhost No No Noooo :icontfghost:TFGhost 33 6

With summer upon us, I am changing my photo manipulation prices!

Headshot - $5
The Little Sheep by bobbyj251  The Game with the Tigers by bobbyj251  Pomeranian Pomegranate by bobbyj251

Extra Person - $3 per person ($8 for 2, $11 for 3, and so on)
Top of the Alphabet by bobbyj251  Tug of War by bobbyj251 The Three Bears of Russia by bobbyj251

Body work - $8
Contest Cow by bobbyj251 It's Superrat! by bobbyj251  Ready to be Milked by bobbyj251

Extra Person - $5 per person ($13 for 2, $18 for 3, and so on)
Stinky Farts by bobbyj251  Cows on a Boat by bobbyj251 Skunky Divas by bobbyj251

For Extensive Body Change - $12 (Extra People + $7)
Don't Cheat by bobbyj251 Belly Growths by bobbyj251 

Sequences - $20 for 3 base morph (+$4 per person within)

They're Grrrrreat! by bobbyj251
The New Dog by bobbyj251

*NEW* Animation - $10 (only one person in image)
Sam's Horse Dream - Animated! by bobbyj251  Granddaughter of the Cat Lady by bobbyj251  I Knew Moo Were Trouble by bobbyj251

*NEW* Stories - $10 for 1 page (+ 1 page is $5) (So 2 page story is $15, 3 is $20)
Puppy in Training by bobbyj251  Ag-Department Graduates by bobbyj251 UnBoarable! by bobbyj251

*NEW* 24 hour Finish - $5
Meaning it will hop to the top of the list and get done ASAP! If I go over 24 hours, then you won't have to pay for the $5 extra!


  • Female images only (males can be included in the stories though)
  • No nudity
  • You must supply the picture
  • Celebs are welcome to be included
  • Please NOTE me if interested


  • Collab with Arkannes
  • Ariana Grande Poll Morph
  • Finish Emma Watson Poll Morph
  • Double Horse Poll Morph

What Should She Become? 

25 deviants said Mouse
22 deviants said Dog
20 deviants said Tiger
11 deviants said Other (Comment)
9 deviants said Panda
8 deviants said Male Lion


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in:#animal-sfw has:image

It will return every post with an image in the #animal-sfw channel. You can try it with each of the different channels and try different things with the search, but it's the quickest way to see all the morphs people have posted without having to wade through a lot of text.
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